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Extreme Adventures from JMI Limousine take you on an adventure you will never forget! Our Extreme Adventure packages are completely customizable to your needs including locations, activities, amenities, adventure length and much more. 

Extreme Adventure packages include limousine transportation, helicopter rides, snow skiing, water skiing, golfing, wine tours, fishing, dancing, rafting, team building activities, meals and family fun.

All adventures coordinated by JMI and our team at Oregon Extreme Adventures includes luxury transportation in a limousine, or party bus, or black Cadillac Escalade SUV.

More Adventures

Oregon Extreme Adventures are great for weekend adventures and outdoor enthusiasts. No matter the size of your party or the extremity of your adventure we will provide the highest quality in luxury transportation services.

We have a large network of adventure  partners who work with us to provide the best extreme adventure possible. Although we are not directly affiliated with any of the adventure providers we feature, our team strives to bring you the best service and experience imaginable. 

Although young people often appear outwardly confident, constantly taking and publishing photos of themselves, this confidence is often lacking. Many of our adventures are specifically crafted to build self confidence.

Communication is key to feelings your best, heathy relationships, problem solving, and much more. Many of our extreme adventures are crafted to help build communication and teamwork skills. 

Teamwork is crucial for building strong working relationships, problem solving groups tasks,  and much more. Many of our extreme adventures are crafted to help build  teamwork and communication skills. 

Problem solving can be vital to individual and team success. Many of our extreme adventures are crafted to help build problem solving, communication and teamwork skills. 

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