Oregon Extreme Adventures & Gorge Flyboard

Yes, it is winter and no, you will probably not want to go and do this tomorrow, but for the summer lovers out there that are already thinking of the warm sunny days just a few short months away, it is never too early to start planning your next summer Oregon Extreme Adventure! Now if you are a summer lover, you’ve probably done some extreme activities like white water rafting down some of Oregon’s most fierce rivers or things like jet skiing, water skiing, water tubing and more (if you haven’t we can help you there too). As fun as all of those are, there is a new water sport stealing all of the glory and it is called Flyboarding!

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The pictures speak for themselves, and we know you are already saying you want to go, but how awesome is it really? Will I, a beginner actually be able to do this? The answer, it’s really awesome and yes you will in just a few minutes be up Flyboarding above the water! This new adrenaline rush was invented by a French Jet Ski racer, Franky Zapata in 2011 and since moved to the USA and taken water sports to a whole new level. How does it work? Without getting to technical, there is a 55 foot long fire hose that is connected to the PWC or Personal Watercraft that can propel you up to 35 feet in the air or below the surface!

gorge flyboard, hydroflight, oregon extreme adventures

On your first time out with Gorge Flyboard, you probably won’t be doing all the tricks or going all the way up to 35 feet, but after a short session from a certified Flyboarding instructor you will most likely make it up out of the water in 5-10 minutes and have full basic control in 15-20 minutes. During the whole flight the pilot (you) will have full control over the navigation and your instructor will operate the PWC and will be in control of the throttle. This ensures optimal safety. Soon after your first flight you will be doing flips in midair and plunging in and out of the water just like a dolphin!


So, yes, it is time to start booking this Oregon Extreme Adventure with us and Gorge Flyboard! If you wait until the spring you may not get the date and time you really want because reservations will go fast! All Adventures booked through Oregon Extreme Adventures will include luxury transportation from JMI Limousine and more, call for details.

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